Final Day of Work

Well folks, this is it. My final day at work.

Am I sad?

Hell no.

Am I happy?

Not sure yet.

Am I ready?

Definitely (not).

What will I miss the most?

A steady source of income, and some of the people.

What won’t I miss?

Obstacles that keep me from doing what I think is important, and the rest of the people.

What am I going to do with myself?

I’m going to plan my ass off. I have this trip I’ve been thinking about…

Where would you like to go on this trip?

Well, I’m glad you asked that. My trip will start as a road trip, and end as a flight, I’m hoping. Starting in Los Angeles, California, drive North. Take the scenic route along the coast up to San Francisco, then a little East to Napa, then further North to Portland, Oregon to see an old friend.

Is that all?

Nope. Not even close. Seattle would be the next stop on the tour, and then up to Victoria, BC because I hear it is beautiful this time of year. Well, all year, but this time is supposed to be gorgeous. then I’d either be trekking across Canada until I can shoot down to Chicago, or I will come back to the states, and go through Chicago via Yellowstone, then down to Saint Louis, MO for the final bend in the first leg.

After I’ve had my fill of St. Louis, I plan on jetting off to Dublin, then London, then Amsterdam, then Munich, Belgium, and Paris. Time and funds permitting, I’d love to hit Austria, Switzerland, Morocco and Portugal, but I am not counting on those locations.

So, what then?

Well, I plan on flying back from Paris straight to Washington DC. I’ve never been, and honestly, if I dont go now, I might never get there. Boston, New York, Philly, Virginia Beach, Maryland, and maybe, MAYBE Atlantic City.

Then I fly back home. Los Angeles. See what the world holds for me after that. Does that answer your questions (I asked my internal dialogue)?


About TheOMTTU

Newly (f)unemployed adventure seeker, with a love for food, cooking, photography, hockey, boobs, beer, cars, world events, history, and a dose of reality.

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